About us

Company Profile

Chivotech Ltd. focuses on the industry-leading RF energy harvesting and passive IoT technologies, chips, solutions, and products R&D and sales.

As the first technology marketed by Chivotech, TurboNFC technology greatly enhances the RF energy harvesting capabilities of NFC tags (5X-10X). TurboNFC was invented based on a series of innovations and improvements to NFC in communication theory and architecture. Thanks to those breakthroughs, TurboNFC tags can collect up to 300mW of power from a typical NFC mobile phone, far exceeding other current NFC RF energy harvesting solutions. At the same time, TurboNFC’s independent communication RF frontend ensures that the communication performance is not affected by the energy harvesting, ensuring high bandwidth and high signal integrity. The TurboNFC IC product TN2115 NFC MCU has been mass-produced at the end of 2019. TN2115 is leading the industry by a huge margin in major performance factors.

Based on the TN2115 ICs, Chivotech utilized its expertise in system designing and developed solutions for a range of typical NFC passive applications, such as passive smart locks, passive smart signs, passive sensors, passive consumer electronics, and so on.

Chivotech sees technological innovation as its source of life, and puts a great deal of efforts on protecting its IPs. Up to now, Chivotech has filed for more than 50 domestic patents and 4 US patents.

Chivotech is headquartered in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou.

Our Team

Our team members are mainly composed of senior researchers from reknowned US universities and senior chip experts in China, and the team members have more than ten years of extensive and in-depth research and development and management experience.Members have deep experience in IC development, low-power systmes, wireless communication technology, energy harvesting and related fields.The team carried out a number of world-class pioneering research in fields including intelligent hardware, near-field communications, wireless charging, wireless communication and network, intelligent sensing algorithms, circuit design and etc. 

Dr. Zhou Ruogu

Co-founder, Chairman, CTO

Experts in the energy harvesting, wireless communications, wirelss sensor networks.

Wang Qingbin

Co-founder, CEO

Veteran entrepreneur, founder of several successful companies. 

Zhu Xiaomao

Co-Founder, VP

IC design industry veteran