TNEPD NFC Battery-less EPD Driving Module

One-stop solution:PCBA driving board, phone/scanner SDK and documents
TN21 IC, Battery-less, unlimited lifetime, maintainence-free
Support 0.96″ to 12.4“ mono-/grayscale-/tri-/full color EPDs

TNLock Battery-less Lock Modules

One-stop solution: PCBA, smartphone/scanner SDK and documents
TN21 IC, battery-less, unlimited lifetime, integrated security and user management
Support various lock types: padlocks, deadbolts, cabinet locks, drawer locks, suitcase locks, and etc.

Battery-less lock standard solution
Battery-less custom smartlock solution
Multi-motor passive unlocking module (single mastermulti-slave)

TN Passive Smart Sensing

Aquiring sensing data using phones/scanners
Battery-less, maintainence-free, place-and-play
Customizible with various sensors and accessories

Passive sensing solution customization
Battery-less, long-term monitoring

TN-WLC Wireless Charging

WLC/Proprietary charging protocols
TN21 can use either WLC or proprietary charging protocols
Use phone/scanner/properietary charger to charge
Customizible with various components