NFC Passive Smart Lock

The NFC passive smart lock solution utilizes efficient energy harvesting capability of the TurboNFC technology to power the smart lock for authentication, locking\unlocking, recording and other operations, so that the smart locks can completely ditch the use of batteries. Chivotech is currently the only NFC passive smart lock technology provider.

Chivotech has developed more than a dozen of lock solutions, including padlocks, deadbolts, drawer locks, cabinet locks, sealing locks, wine bottle locks, exhibition cabinet locks, notebook locks, and etc. A cloud-based and a offline based lock management system, as well as smartphone Apps are also available.

A standard lock solution and a custom lock solution are currently available for customers. The standard lock soluttion contains the following components: standard lock PCBA, firmware, Android/iOS demo APP. The features provided are as follows:

  • NFC energy harvesting, storage, and management
  • NFC communication, data transfer
  • Motor driving, CW/CCW
  • Sensor interface
  • Energy detection (optional)
  • Encryption algorithm (optional)

In addition to including the full functionality of the standard version, custom solution can also be customized and tailored with the following features:

  • Custom PCB form factor
  • Long-term energy storage (in hours)
  • Integrated antenna
  • Hardware encryption modules (SM1/2/3/4, AES, etc.)
  • Adaptive energy enhancements
  • Custom unlock/lock logic
  • Software encryption module
  • NFC Non-popup technology, with Bluetooth
  • WeChat App integration
  • demo APP UI

Standard solution sample purchase:

For custom solution, please contact Chivotech Sales directly.



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