Chivotech presents a passive sensing solution based on TN21, in which the TN21 chip is used as the central hub between the sensor and the mobile phone. The mobile phone provides energy to the sensor through the TN21 chip, and the sensor transmits the sensing data to the mobile phone through the TN21 chip.

List of sensors currently supported:

  • Infrared temperature sensors (industrial/medical)
  • Infrared thermal sensor (under 16×16)
  • Regular temperature and humidity sensor
  • Air quality sensors
  • Laser ranging sensor
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Industrial all-in-one meter (multimeter)
  • Other low-power sensors
  • Barometric pressure sensor

Customers can customize various passive sensing solutions through Chivotech. Customization may include PCB specifications, API interfaces, software functions, reader PCBs, etc., according to customer needs. Interested parties should contact Chivotech Sales.


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