Custom Passive LED Phone Case solution

Chivotech’s exclusive passive LED phone case solution obtains working energy from the mobile phone through TN2115 and drives the LED dot matrix display inside the phone case, and generates some gorgeous lighting effects. This one-stop solution can tailor the functions and costs according to the specific needs of customers. It includes the following functional modules:

  • Customizable LED dot matrix lamp group. Can be freely defined according to customer needs (monochrome/RGB, quantity, shape)
  • LED display mode, effect
  • NFC power access mode (no pop-up mode, full function mode)
  • Software OTP \ OTA update
  • Notification function (incoming call flash, WeChat, etc.)
  • Other accessories (voice control function, direction switching, automatic brightness)

The end-product phone case is plug-and-play, battery-less, and maintenance-free. There is no physical interface to tackle with, no connection required, offering excellent user experience. Thin and slender, radiant.


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