TurboNFC IC Debuts 2018 International Internet of Things Expo

Time passed, and last week it concluded the 10th Internet of Things Expo, held at the Suzhou International Expo Center, over a three-day period.Chivotech joins the show with the all-new TurboNFC ISO14443A-compliant energy harvesting tag IC (hereafter referred to as TN2110m) debuted at the exhibition, the exclusive technology by the market alike.The TN2110m utilizes the company’s exclusive TurboNFC technology, which supports high-power wireless power reception for passive labels, and can provide up to 300mw of power to peripheral devices when used with smartphones with NXP NFC chipsets.With a high daterate I2C interface and 512-byte internal RAM and EEPROM, the TN2110m, combined with the embedded Arm Cortex M0 core, supports a variety of communication modes between the system master and the NFC reader, with great versatility and flexibility.During the exhibition, Chivotech also displayed a number of TN2110m-powered passive solutions.



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