TN31 Series NFC+WLC Energy Harvesting Chip

Based on the TN21 TurboNFC series ICs, TN31 series integrates the Chivotech’s exclusive NFC+WLC two-in-one receiving circuit, which is compatible with WLC wireless charging through TurboNFC’s antenna. The TN31’s NFC is completely compatible with ISO14443A standard. Using Chivotech’s TurboNFC technology it achieves the same NFC wireless power reception prowess as the TN21 and TN32M series chips, enabling the industry-leading NFC power reception of up to 300mW. The WLC receiver shares a same antenna with TurboNFC, which is able to deliver power of up to 500mW~1W. The TN31 series of chips provides a variety of flexible ways to access energy for small devices.

Some ICs in the TN31 line integrates a ARM Cortex-M0 core that is available for user applications. Leveraging the SDK provided freely by Chivotech, users can implement applications running on the MCU swiftly and inexpensively, enabling the design of a single-chip solution.

The TN31 line ICS offer high-speed I2C as a data transmission interface, with EEPROM and RAM inside to store data.The TN31 series requires only a small number of external components to operate.

List of series models

TN3115SQFN40, 5mmx5mmGeneral purpose NFC+WLC Wireless MCU M0 MCU@12MHz, 32KB Flash, 8KB RAM, 2KB EEPROM, 12 GPIO, I2C
TN3115A QFN40, 5mmx5mm NFC+WLC Dual Port Dynamic Tag 2KB EEPROM, 12 GPIO, I2C



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