TN32M Series TurboNFC Wireless MCU

The TN32M Series TurboNFC Wireless MCU ICs integrate the ISO14443A-compatible NFC interface that utilizes Chivotech’s TurboNFC technology, which provides standard NFC communication capabilities as well as industry-leading NFC wireless power reception capabilities. The TN32M series ICs provide industry-leading wireless power reception of up to 300mW when using typical NFC-enabled smartphones. The TN32M’s ultra-high energy reception capabilities greatly expand the horizon of NFC applications. Many previously battery-powered applications, such as applications invloving motors, backlit LCDs, MCUs, and DSPs that run face or fingerprint recognition algorithms, can be passively powered by TN32M ICs.

In addition, TurboNFC’s integrated energy management capabilities automatically manage energy harvesting, avoiding the situation where energy harvesting collapses s NFC energy fields and causes communication instability.The TN32M series maintains high-performance, reliable NFC communication while performing high-power energy recpetion.

In addition to the traditional card simulation mode, it also supports the versatile pass-through mode, which enables applications such as smart cards to meet the data transmission needs in most cases.Supports data rates from 106Kbps to 848Kbps, with up to 512 bytes of data buffer, allowing high-speed, high-capacity data transfer between the IC and the NFC reader.

The TN32M has an ARM CORTEX-M0 high-performance core that can run up to 32Mhz, with a wide range of peripherals, including serial data interfaces (I2C, SPI, UART), power management (LDO, DC/DC), analog interfaces (ADC, comparators), and security modules (AES/SM).The TN32M provides a one-stop solution for applications that require heavy of data processing or high security. Some ICs also feature the latest omnidirectional antenna technology, enabling the wide-area energy reception and communication functions without dead spots.



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