EPD custom driving solution

This solution includes a EPD (small) passive driving board, firmware (source code available), and Android demo APP (source code). The EPD passive driving board includes NFC wireless energy harvesting technology and EPD driver circuit, which passively drives 0.96″ to 2.9″ of various EPD screens (monochrome, tricolor, multicolor) with NFC phones. The demo APP running on the phone provides the drive board with display data via NFC. When the screen refresh is completed, the image is preserved permanently.

The demo app contains all the features required to refresh the screen, as well as the necessary image processing fucntions.

This solution is a perfect fit for key fobs, pet tags, handbag decorative accessories and other applications. List of included features:

  • NFC passive energy harvesting
  • NFC wireless communication
  • EPD driving
  • Work with a variety of screens from 0.96″ to 2.9″
  • The firmware drives screens of all supported sizes
  • Demo APP includes image processing, NFC data generation, and NFC data transfer capabilities

Sample purchase link:

Anytag website: http://www.anytag.shop



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