NFC wireless charging

Thanks to the high energy receiving efficiency of TurboNFC technology, TN21 is very suitable as a receiver for NFC wireless charging. Chivotech has developed a TN21-based wireless charging receiver solution, which can be used with any NFC mobile phone, handheld terminal, and reader on the market to form a low-cost, instant wireless charging system, which can replenish power for headphones, smart wearables and other devices at any time.

Due to the flexible NFC architecture of TN21, Chivotech has implemented the complete protocol of WLC wireless charging on TN21, and can use a wireless charging transmitter compatible with WLC to form a WLC wireless charging system. Because the WLC and NFC protocols can be supported by the TN21 receiver at the same time, the TN21 charging receiver can work with common NFC devices (mobile phones, handheld terminals, NFC card readers) and WLC wireless charging devices at the same time.

Features of TN21 wireless charging receiver:

  • NFC wireless charging: support mobile phones, handheld terminals, NFC card readers as power transmitter
  • WLC wireless charging: support standard WLC power transmitter
  • Automatic and instant protocol switch between NFC and WLC wireless charging
  • Future-proof and flexible NFC architecture to support future WLC protocols, can be updated in the field
  • TurboNFC provides industry-leading energy receiving efficiency
  • Support tiny antennas
  • Built-in general MCU with strong processing and control capability, enables single-chip solution


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