NFC Passive Visitor Card

Chivotech’s passive visitor card is equipped with a large E-paper screen, which is capable of displaying various information, including images, texts, and barcodes. The card is totally batteryless, therefore no maintainence is needed and the card can last very long time. The NFC ID and the content of the card is programmable, which makes it compatible with most access control systems. The card can also integrate any dedicated gate card inside, if needed. This passive visotr card can be used as employee card, visitor card, conference card, and etc.

The passive visitor card employs Chivotech’s TurboNFC technology to power the card from a smartphone. Thanks to TurboNFC, the card can receive abundant energy to support a range of E-paper screens, sizing from 2.9″ to 5.2″, with mono-color, 4/16 grayscale, tri-color, seven-color, or full-color technologies. The card has a built-in energy detection function, which provides realtime energy measurement data and informs the user if the current power reception level can sustain card normal operation. Such information can effectively assist the user to complete the screen refreshing.

Chivotech also offers accessary devices (PC card readers) and software (Android, iOS and Windows) for visotor card management. This system can be used for automatic visitor card preparation, to automate data and access control management for employees and visitors.

  • TN21 TurboNFC IC inside, abundant energy supply
  • Support 2.9“ to 5.2”, mono-color, 4/16 grayscale, tri-color, seven-color, or full-color E-paper screens
  • energy detection function, ensuring successful screen updating everytime
  • Accessary management hardware devices and software



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