Battery-free NFC lock module (single master/multi-slave)

Duo-lock suitcase unlocking
Duo-lock suitcase
Duo-lock suitcase unlocking

TNLMSGen1 from Chivotech is a passive smartlock module developed for the unified management of multi-motor locks. It has a master module and multiple slave modules. The master module’s functions include communication, energy harvesting, power management, authentication and motor control, and can connect with an e-paper display. The master module controls the slave module through the data bus. The slave module only has the motor control function. Both the master module and the slave module connect with motors to control the managed locks. Just by closely touching the smartphone to the antenna of the main module, the main module and/or the slave module can drive the motors to unlock/lock through TNLMSGen1, without batteries. The user can be given the unlocking authority of each lock through the built-in flexible authority management function. An e-paper screen connected to the main module can display a variety of information that is fully customizable by the user. TNLMSGen1 is especially suitable for delivering cabinets, luggage, filing cabinets and other equipment with multiple locks, and can be easily managed through the unified management interface.

This is the TNLMSGen1 Standard version which contains the following components: the master module PCBA (internal firmware compatible with the TNlockGen2 standard API), the slave module PCBA, and the Android demo APP. The following features are included:

  1. Unified battery-free NFC multiple motor control function;
  2. Any number of slave modules can be added to enable a single NFC interface to control any number of locks;
  3. The master module can connect with an e-paper screen to display any custom information;
  4. The main IC supports the most versatile NFC protocol (ISO14443-A), which is compatible with most smartphones with NFC functions on the market;
  5. High efficiency NFC wireless energy harvesting technology, adaptive energy harvesting and overload protection, adaptive boost technology, efficient and stable;
  6. The permissions of multiple locks can be flexibly managed;
  7. Intelligent motor control enables precise start, brake, forward and reverse control;
  8. External antenna interface, customized antennas can adapt to different lock structures;
  9. Sensor interface, can use sensors to detect the position of the mechanical part, helping the control of motor start and stop;
  10. Built-in authentication algorithm and user account management function to ensure the security of the lock;
  11. Lock parameter configuration, can adapt to a variety of automatic and manual locks, adapting to the motor forward, reverse, stop and other parameters;
  12. NFC field strength sensing and real-time feedback of energy storage level ensures the efficient use of lock energy and improve user experience;
  13. Lock/Unlock logging, stored locally and easy to trace back.

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