Battery-free standard smartlock solution

The NFC Passive Lock Touch n’Lock is the world’s leading battery-free smart lock solution. It leverages the NFC energy harvesting capability of Chivotech’s TN21 ICs to power circuits and motors. With a NFC phone and TNlock App, locking/unlocking can be simply done with a touch to the NFC induction area on the lock. No need to worry about a dead battery now – because it doesn’t need a battery. Lightweight, economical and simple. It can be fit into almost all lock forms, such as padlocks, deadbolts, luggage locks, cabinet locks, drawer locks, and so on.

This version is the standard smartlock solution, which includes the lock board PCBA, the firmware, and the Android demo APP. It has the following functions:

  • NFC energy harvesting, storage, and management
  • NFC communication, data transfer
  • motor driver, CW&CCW
  • sensor interface (for interfacing with tactile switch, hall sensors etc. )
  • field energy sensing function (optional)
  • software encryption module(optional)

For samples, please follow this link:



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