Battery-free standard smartlock solution(Generation 2)

Chivotech’s NFC Passive Lock, Touch n’Lock (TNlock) is the world’s leading battery-free smart lock solution. It leverages the NFC energy harvesting capability of Chivotech’s TN21 ICs to power circuits and motors. With a NFC phone and TNlock App, locking/unlocking can be simply done with a touch to the NFC induction area on the lock. No need to worry about a dead battery now – because it doesn’t need a battery. Lightweight, economical and simple. It can be fit into almost all lock forms, such as padlocks, deadbolts, luggage locks, cabinet locks, drawer locks, and so on.

Chivotech has released the 2nd generation of TNlock, the TNlockGen2, which is equipped with Chivotech’s latest technologies. Compared with the first generation, TNlockGen2 significantly improves both its functions and performance.

This version is the standard TNlockGen2 with a dimension of 28x14x0.6(mm), which includes the lock board PCBA(firmware is compatible with TNlockGen2 API), and the Android SDK and demo APP. It has the following functions:

  • Battery-less operation
  • Support the most commonly used NFC protocol, ISO14443A, which is supported by all NFC smartphones
  • High efficient NFC energy harvesting technology, adaptive energy management, adaptive boost, efficient and reliable
  • Stable power supply to motors and sensors
  • Inteligient motor control for precisely motor driving: start, stop, forward and reverse
  • Onboard high capacity storage with 1million write endurance cycle
  • External antenna interface, supporting customized antennas for various lock structures
  • Integrated authentication and user management to ensure security
  • Various configurable lock parameters, offers flexibility to support various automatic and manual locks
  • NFC field strength sensing and realtime energy storage level reporting, ensuring efficient energy utilization and satisfying user experience
  • Lock/unlock local logging, easy to retrace

For samples, please follow this link:



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